FaxDroid is an online fax service. It allows users to send and receive fax directly from their browser. There are two different ways users can use FaxDroid:

  • As a guest user. In this method users can send fax without even creating an account. This is ideal for users who just need to send a few pages every now and then
  • With a registered account. By signing up to one of FaxDroid’s subscription plans, users are not only able to send fax but they are also able to receive fax from their browser.

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Pay as You Go

One of the great features about FaxDroid is it’s Pay as You Go options. Most users don’t really need to send fax often and this creates a very convenient method of faxing.

There are a few things that really makes FaxDroid’s Pay as You Go option stand out among the other faxing services that offer the same feature:

  • FaxDroid doesn’t require registration. Just upload your documents and go.
  • Only pay for what you use. If you’re sending 3 pages, you’re only paying for 3 pages. You won’t be charged a flat rate. Other services generally charge a flat rate of 15, or 20 pages regardless of how many pages you are really sending.
  • Offers really good free faxes. Let’s you send up to 6 free pages a day.

If you would like to learn how to use FaxDroid’s Pay as You Go option please see How to Send Fax Online for Free.

International Faxes

When using FaxDroid you can send fax to all international destinations. On the pay-as-you-go option you will be provided with a cost breakdown as to how much each page will cost before actually submitting the fax.

If you are sending to high toll international destinations while on a subscription plan, FaxDroid will charge you multiple page credits for each page sent to these destinations. This is to account for the additional cost in sending fax to these destinations.

Also using FaxDroid’s pricing calculator you can see how faxes to different destinations are charged.

Price Transparency

One of our favorite things about FaxDroid is there are no hidden fees. If the website says something is going to cost X it will cost X and there are no surprises. This really helps in earning the customers trust.

As an example one thing we see a lot in other fax providers is on the website they provide rates per page. However in reality they will charge you extra if a page takes longer than a minute to transmit. This creates a lot of confusion as now you may be forced to upgrade your plan because you will run out of credits.

International Dedicated Numbers

One of the things FaxDroid could probably improve on is the availability of international dedicated fax numbers. Currently dedicated fax numbers are only available in a few countries.

However if you don’t need a dedicated fax number, or don’t care where your fax number is located, free dedicated US fax numbers are offered.

Refunds on Failed Faxes

The refund policy is great. Anytime there is a failure in delivery your entire payment is refunded. If you are on a subscription plan all credits used towards that fax are returned to you. This is essential as there is always a chance fax delivery will fail.

Fax Quality

FaxDroid offers two different methods for sending fax, guest mode and registered accounts.

Unfortunately in guest mode there isn’t an option for selecting the fax quality, however the default quality should be enough for most purposes.

In registered accounts there is an option for selecting the fax quality, allowing users to select high qualities when needed.

Plans & Pricing

FaxDroid has a wide range of different plans and pricing.

Pay as You Go. This pricing model allows users to pay for only what they need. It doesn’t even require registering an account. Need to send 4 pages to Germany? You’ll only be charged for the 4 pages. It’s a very simple and convenient pricing model for those who don’t need any of the more advanced features.

Subscription Plans. The subscription plans require a monthly payment and are great if you need a dedicated fax number to receive fax as well. The plans start at only $5.00/month. For those that don’t need to send a lot of fax the $5.00/month plan is one of the best plans we’ve found among other fax services.

Free Trials

FaxDroid offers one of the best free trials and free fax options available. For the #pay-as-you-go option, you can send up to 6 free pages a day to over 27 different destinations.

There is also have a free trial. After registering you can send and receive up to 40 pages for a 7 day period. There are no other fax services out there that beat this offer.

See How to Register for a Free Trial at FaxDroid to learn more.

Ease of Cancellation

One of the things that we find is really important when registering for any online fax service, is the ability to cancel at any time with ease. There shouldn’t be hoops to jump, just single click and cancel. FaxDroid has clearly made the cancellation process very easy.

User Interface

The interface is new and modern. Some of the things we really like about it are:

  • The file upload progress, really helpful if you’re uploading large documents over slow network speed
  • The fax progress page. Shows you an eta of how much longer it will take your fax to be delivered.

The website also works well on mobile phones making it a great choice if you use your phone for sending fax.

Overall we highly recommend giving FaxDroid a try, giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Lots of free options with a really good pay as you go feature with little to no long term commitment.