Who would have thought, in the year 2020, you still need to send fax. For one reason or another you’re here because you need to send fax and you can’t find a fax machine anywhere in a 50 mile radius. Well don’t worry there are various online faxing solutions. Our favorite is FaxDroid.

Sending fax is quite easy just follow the steps below:

Step 1, Visit FaxDroid

Visit the link https://faxdroid.com/send

Here you will be able to upload your documents and select the destination fax number.

FaxDroid allows you send up to 6 free pages to certain destinations. If you need to send more pages there are pay as you go options available.

Step 2, Upload Your Documents

First you would need to upload your documents.

Click on the upload button and select your files. You can also upload multiple documents, but remember to upload them in the same order you want them to appear at the destination. If you need to accompany your fax with a header page, remember to upload that first.

One good thing about FaxDroid is that it allows a wide range of file types, Pdfs, Word documents, images, text files, …

Step 3, Enter Your Details

Next is your contact information, enter your name and email address. Your email address will be used to send you status updates about your fax.

Step 4, Enter the Destination Fax Number

The last step on this page is entering the destination fax number. Make sure you’re not accidentally entering the area code twice.

Once you’re done with all of that click NEXT.

FaxDroid allows a few free pages to most destinations however if you are sending longer documents or documents to high toll destinations, a popup might appear with the cost needed to send the fax.

Step 5, Confirm your Fax Details

On the next page you will have the chance to confirm your fax details. Make sure everything is fine. You probably wouldn’t want your fax going to someone else now would you 🙂

Step 6, Voila You’re Done!

And that was it, you’re done. Now all you have to do is wait for your fax to be delivered. Remember that at end of the day your fax is going through regular phone lines so it will take a while to complete!